2017 Oocyte/ICSI Overview

Utilization of oocyte aspiration and Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection offers the following advantages over traditional equine reproductive processes or embryo transfer:

  1. Production of foals from mares with fertility problems preventing embryo production. Such problems include persistent uterine infection, recurrent anovulatory follicle production, abnormal ovulation or oviductal pathology.
  2. Production of foals from stallions with limited sperm numbers available. Common applications include frozen semen from deceased stallions or semen from sub-fertile stallions.
  3. Oocytes (eggs) are collected using trans-vaginal, ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration thus eliminating the requirement of normal oocyte maturation, ovulation and healthy uterine environment.
  4. Mature dominant follicles or immature follicles can be aspirated for oocyte recovery thus eliminating the need for the mare to have a normal estrous cycle which develops a fully mature oocyte (egg).

The Oocyte/ICSI Program for on-site mares is set up in a similar manner to the Embryo Transfer Program.

  1. There is an initial entry fee into the program of $1,775. This is to pay for normal breeding management of the donor mare and maintain and monitor suitable recipient mares, and is a one time fee for the year, regardless of the number of pregnancies achieved.
  2. Each oocyte collection session is $300.
  3. Each ICSI (sperm injection) session is $350
  4. Once a recipient mare reaches 30 days of gestation with a viable pregnancy there is a lease fee of $3,875 ($4,475 for draft horse embryos).img_0506

Two programs for ICSI for transported oocytes are also available, allowing a referring veterinarian to collect oocytes and ship them to Equine Medical Services.  The Transported Oocyte for ICSI program provides for EMS shipping embryos back to the referring veterinarian or another center for transfer.  This program has no initial entry fee, oocyte maturation is $200 per cycle, ICSI is $350 per cycle, and there is a $1,000 fee for each blastocysts produced.  The Transported Oocyte for ICSI and Embryo Transfer program provides for transfer of embryos into EMS recipient mares.  There is a $1,000 nomination fee, the oocyte maturation and ICSI fees are $200 and $350 respectively, and there is no blastocyst fee.  Once a recipient mare reaches 30 days of gestation with a viable pregnancy there is a lease fee of $3,875 ($4,475 for draft embryos).