2017 Embryo Transfer Overview

The Equine Medical Services, Inc. embryo transfer program has two primary options:

  1. You can bring your mare to our facility for us to manage the entire breeding and transfer process, or;
  2. You can have your mare bred and flushed at another facility and ship the embryo to Equine Medical Services for transfer.

Fees vary somewhat between programs, but some common terms should be noted.  The recipient mares are provided by Equine Medical Services, and are leased to the owner once they are 30 days in foal.  These mares are to be returned to Equine Medical Services within 6 months after foaling.  There is a live foal guarantee after the recipient mare is 30 days pregnant, the owner will receive a $2,000 credit towards future embryo transfer services if the recipient loses the pregnancy.  There is an annual enrollment fee for each program.  This fee is for each donor mare, is non-transferable, non-refundable, and good for the calendar year 2017 only.  If foals from a donor mare will belong to different owners, it is less expensive if they are handled through one account, although if billing to different owners is desired, each owner will be required to fill out a contract and pay a nomination fee.

Standard In-House Program

The standard program has an annual enrollment fee of $1,775 for the year 2017.  This fee is designed to pay for routine ultrasound examination, artificial insemination, and embryo recovery and transfer, as well as to cover the expense of having a recipient mare waiting for an embryo.  Stallion fees, transportation of semen, registration, blood typing, etc. are the responsibility of the owner.  Once the recipient mare reaches 30 days gestation with a viable pregnancy, the owner leases her for $3,175 or $3,775 for draft horse embryos.  Board and care of the recipient mare are the responsibility of the owner, who is encouraged to pick her up at this time.  Board fees for the donor mares vary with accommodations.  Paddock board (with 3-4 other horses) is $18 per day, stall board is $18 per day, and mare and foal board is $19.50 per day.  Board for the recipient mare starting at 30 days is $12.75 per day, from 60-90 days $14.75 per day, and after 90 days of gestation, recipient board will be $20.00 per day.

Transfer of Transported Embryos

Transporting and transferring embryos successfully requires good communication between the individuals breeding and flushing the mare and the transfer facility.  Competent experienced individuals should be sought.  It is important that we be informed when the mare is being bred as well as the day of ovulation, so that a suitable recipient mare may be prepared.  If ovulation occurs on a weekend, it is OK to notify us on the following Monday.  We receive embryos 24 hours a day, seven days a week so weekend flushes are expected.  We would also appreciate a call to report the results of the flush as soon as possible, positive or negative.  One should also plan ahead for mode of transportation of the embryo.

The transported embryo transfer program has an annual enrollment fee of $1,000.  This fee is to cover the expense of having a recipient mare ready for your embryo during months from February through November of 2017 and is a one-time fee for the year per donor mare, not per embryo.  It is most desirable for the veterinarian performing the flush to be set up to provide embryo transport media on site, but we can provide it via Federal Express for $50 plus shipping.  Once the recipient mare reaches 30 days gestation she is leased for $2,850 or $3,450 for draft hors embryos.  The owner is encouraged to pick her up at this time, and is responsible for board (at $12.75/day) and care from the time of lease. Board increases at 60 days of gestation to $14.75/day and at 90 days to $20.00/day.